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Finding a good divorce lawyer can be challenging.

I know how much stress and anxiety can be caused by divorce. It takes an emotional toll on everyone involved. Regardless of whether the divorce is contested or not, there are many issues that must be resolved including property division, alimony, child support and custody.

There are many facets to the divorce process. Decisions made during this time can have an impact on you for the rest of your life both financially and emotionally. Shouldn’t you have a trusted adviser?

As an experienced attorney, I understand this is a painful process and I take the time to walk you through every step. Good, solid advice can make a positive impact on the outcome of your situation and your case.

Often, a courtroom is thought to be the only option for divorces or family law issues. While I will represent you in a divorce proceeding, I offer two options to resolve family law issues.

Two Options for Family Law Resolution

Acting as your mediator, I assist a divorcing couple in seeking resolution. I consider both sides equally and work to help you resolve the details in a fair and reasonable way. Mediation saves the pain or costly process of litigation and offers a faster route to resolutions.


Sometimes mediation just won’t fit for your specific situation. You need an advocate that will fight to protect you, your property and your rights. Unlike mediation where both parties are equally considered, in this scenario, I work to protect what is important to you. The goal is to attain the most favorable outcome for you, my client.

Typically, in this type of situation, I would negotiate with your spouse’s lawyer to reach an agreeable settlement regarding property division, custody, support and any unresolved differences. As your lawyer, I would handle all paperwork, appear in court and advise you when it comes to making decisions. If settlement is unattainable, I will represent you at trial.

Whether your spouse has already hired their own lawyer, or you feel the differences between you are just too great; I will give you the legal advice you need to take steps in a positive direction.

To discuss your specific lawyer needs, please contact William F. Mulroney, Attorney at Law at (240) 389-1946 or email at